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  • Your mission, and ours, is to get you found, seen and talked about on the Internet using a range of online tools, Internet marketing techniques and solid know-how.We can also help build your brand and your following, launch your company, promote your events. The list is endless! Contact us now to get started with your campaign.
  • Here is what we can do for you
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - Ever wondered how some companies consistently appear at the top of search engine rankings? This is done by including essential keywords and phrases that make it easy for Search Engines such as Google and MSN to match interested surfers to your product or service.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - A great way of getting noticed online is to get your Website included in search engine results pages (SERPs). This involves encouraging other Websites, blogs submissions and forums to link back to your site.
  • Blogging - Setting up and maintaining a blog about what you are doing is another way to generate online presence and back links while you submit all your latest news and articles, product launches and videos. Blogs have become a well recognised way to make online noise about your business. Content , especially optimised well written and engaging content is KING!
  • Brand Recognition - In a competitive world image is everything, and so how your particular brand is positioned, perceived and recognised is increasingly important. Our campaigns can make your brand a key player in the market place. We can also start from scratch with our branding experts to create a look unique to your business needs.
  • Internet Public Relations - Keyword-rich web content is fundamental to successful online digital PR because this will drive new customers to your Website. But, it's worth keeping in mind the old adage ‘knowledge is power’ because this is especially true of the Internet.
  • Keeping tabs on online trends and learning to communicate online will not only help you understand where you and your clients are positioned on the evolutionary Internet curve, but will also give you that vital edge over your competitors so that you can make better informed decisions.
  • At Optimised Media Placement - By using a precise combination of SEO techniques, syndicated content and a targeted online digital PR campaign, we will dramatically increase your chances of top position ranking on the major search engines.
  • SEO Website Copywriting Service - Well written web copy is a subtle blend of relevant key words and phrases search engines can recognise and interesting and informative editorial that your visitors will enjoy. We work with superb copywriters and jounalists to make what we write about you enjoyable to read and worth submitting.
  • Online Advertising - There are a number of ways to advertise on the net such as Pay Per Click, banners, landing pages and mini-sites, HVAC systems social media networking, social media marketing or email campaigns. We deliver your message to a potential audience of millions in a cost-effective and time sensitive way.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) -This model is generally used in search engines such as Google and Bing and content-rich sites such as blogs or social media sites. These hosts will receive a payment for every new visitors that clicks through to yours from their site.
  • Banner Exchange - You can exchange website links by trading banners ads with other Websites. This is a contra and no money is exchanged.
  • Social Media Advertising and Marketing - Submitting optimised content on social media and business networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Digg, YouTube and LinkedIn can generate a massive audience. Video marketing by London Digital PR can get your business known and seen on a global basis.
  • Social Media Marketing and Social Networking Workshops – There are close to 300 million registered users on Facebook, each with a network on average, of 120 friends who in combination, spend over three billion minutes per day on Facebook alone. Not forgetting MySpace, Foursquare and Twitter, you have potential access to an audience of tens of millions of potential buyers for your products or services. We can manage and arrange workshops to teach you how best to utilise these services, either on a one to one basis, or as a group.
  • Marketing Business to Business (B2B) – London Digital PR will work closely with you to achieve a measured online marketing campaign that meets time sensitive deadlines and other business criteria.
  • Business To Consumer (B2C) – London Digital PR will analyse the market place to identify your target market to ensure your message reaches as many potential consumers as possible.
  • Online Marketing - There are many options for running online marketing campaigns to hit targeted audiences and make sure the browsers visiting your site become buyers. Ask today how we can help you set up a strategic marketing campaign to drive your brand forward on the Internet. Whether you want a widget for your Website or an exciting press release, we can help.
  • Event Marketing – We can create a powerful campaign aimed at publicising your event on the internet to the right people.
  • Media Coaching - Have you ever wanted to be your own corporate video star but feel you would be camera shy? At London Digital PR we have the answer. Our media coach can give you tips on how to look, how to speak and what to say to prepare to make your video, now one of the best used tools for business promotion on the Internet. We can also help with public speaking engagements – get your message across with clarity and confidence.
  • Product or Business Launches – London Digital PR with our partners, can help create a successful product or business launch strategy to create as much buzz as possible on and off line, designed to encourage your existing clients to return and to attract new business.
  • Photography and Video Production – There is nothing more effective than a video, a visual display of your business which can be used in your online PR agency campaign and your Website. We have a team of creative producers who can arrange to do this for you. Be your own movie star and promote your business with a sizzle reel or have professional photos to use on your Website so that your audience associates the images with your brand.
  • Translation – we have translators who can arrange text for you in many languages. Ask us more. As a multi facetted global online public relations agency, London Digital PR can arrange it all for you.
  • Training - Want us to teach you how to do it yoursef? We can train groups, run Webinars and give one to one Twitter Training and teach you how to get the most out of LinkedIn, Facebook and Blogging. Whatever you need we can help you win with digital PR.
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