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Carole Ann Rice is one of the UK's leading life coaches who has literally turned around the lives of countless people who no longer wanted to waste time and money on things that don't work. Regularly featured in newspapers magazines and TV programmes her unique style of life coaching has produced some phenomenal results.

She wanted to use London Digital PR to enable her to market her events and add more people to her database by directing traffic to her Website.

She says of London Digital PR:

"Why leave your digital PR and marketing to chance? Since using Monique I have raised my profile and increased hits to my Website which has swollen my data base.

When you are running a business it is hard to keep up with all online developments and this is where London Digital PR has helped me keep ahead of my competitors by delivering real results with style and professionalism.


Jo Tocher is a natural health and wellness advisor. She teaches people to set up their own businesses and to live longer, healthier lives. She needed a workshop to teach her how to make the most of social media marketing to promote her business and become part of what is happening in cyberspace. Here is what she has to say about the training from London Digital PR:

21 June 2009 ...“I spent a fun day with Monique while she trained me on internet marketing. She's fun, sassy and full of great ideas. Would strongly recommend a session to increase your hits on your sites! Thanks Monique, you opened up a new world on my computer!”


The Athena Network facilitates structured networking meetings for professional business women from all industry sectors. Members recognise that networking is a critical factor in the growth and development of their business and would like to make a valuable contribution to the success of the others. The network covers London and the home counties and is rapidly expanding into other areas of the UK and Australia.

As well as being part of the dynamic team at Athena Central, Gina is the Regional Director for the North London Athena Groups and an independent consultant at SWOT Solutions, working with a select group of clients and a team of expert associates and partners to provide innovative technology.

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Testimonial - Gina Romero from The Athena Network

The Premier International Business Networking Organisation for Women

Gina Romero has worked with Monique Lester of London Digital PR, over a period of several years.

uly 23 2009...“I have known Monique in the networking circle for many years now and have been privileged to have been her client when she was in the financial services industry. During this time, Monique was well respected in the network and local area for her efficiency and determination to carry out every assignment to the highest standard of customer service and attention to detail. If ever a role was suited to someone, Monique has truly come into her own in Social Media. Prolific in her own Social Media efforts for many years Monique has a considerable expertise in this area driven by passion and energy that is insurmountable. Monique is an avid networker and amazing connector and I can confidently say that in the unlikely event that there is anything that Monique cannot do for you in the areas of digital marketing, rest assured she will know exactly who can. It is a pleasure to be networking with Monique again and I would give her my highest recommendation for whatever project she may undertake.”


Jewish Yellow Plus is an online directory for the Jewish community, aimed at connecting Jewish business owners globally. David Trombka, the founder of Jewish Yellow Plus, has used London Digital PR's services for social media marketing and online PR for Jewish Yellow plus, and to increase visibility on the Internet.

This is what David has to say about London Digital PR:

"When I recently started my work with London Digital PR, I was amazed to see that Monique Lester and her talented crew went far beyond the standard techniques of public relations management. Monique would show me her work for other firms, and would talk to me about the particular copywriter that she used for used this or that work - as if she were a proud mother of a new copywriting genius. She would explain to me about the firm she was doing the work for - as if every one of her firms was the gem of its field.

What I am saying, is that Monique actually takes London Digital PR and promotes not only to the outside world, but networks within her own firm. My own venture, Jewish Yellow Plus, has already benefited from this approach. The advertising that we do for a living is often without reward - people do not usually let us know how the online advertising methods affect their own business. But because of Monique's unique energy, we have already received positive feedback from our own clients - through Monique! How often does a client, cheap long distance movers through the advertising firm's PR agent, tell their advertising firm that their campaign is working? That is the way it goes with Monique - networking upon networking upon networking at all different levels.

Beyond the fact that my site ranking jumped higher and higher due to the standard work of London Digital PR, I have been introduced to so many different people through LDPR that I feel there are possibilities of cooperation and divergence that I would have never realized otherwise. LDPR is not a standard PR firm and it most definitely is not run by a standard PR maven. It is first and foremost about caring, getting the job done this way if it did not work the first time that way. Monique Lester and London Digital PR are about people and their needs; they are far more than just another PR portfolio company.

Sometimes fate brings you to the proper doorstep. I do not know exactly how I found London Digital PR - I do know that this firm is exactly what my venture needs".

David Trombka

Jewish Yellow Plus

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